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Jo Jolly Independent Scentsy Consultant Director Essex

Hello, I’m Jo

I’ve always been a bit paranoid that my home smells of Dog, and just general living smells – I was constantly on the lookout for home fragrance products to combat and mask them.

 I bought lots of scented candles, reed diffusers, plug ins and sprays, you name it I tried them –  but somehow I was always left disappointed – I had soot marks on my walls from Candles, and was always paranoid that I’d left one burning when I went to bed, so was always jumping out of bed in the night to come downstairs and check, and to be honest, a couple of times I had left them on, and it scared the wits out of me.

I spent a fortune on reed diffusers, only for them to stop fragrancing my room after only a few days, and I didn’t like using the sprays as I was concerned about the chemical content. 

I did some research and came across Scentsy, which seemed to good to be true, but I bought a warmer and some wax bars for My Mum’s Birthday, she loved them, so I bought some for myself – and that became a thing… I bought a lot of Scentsy, I loved it because it has no toxins, the scent lasts for a long time, and the safety of having no flame, smoke or soot  was just heavenly.

I was buying it through an old school friend who was a Consultant and she asked me to join, which I refused a few times…I mean, nobody makes money in these types of jobs do they….or so I thought…. How wrong can someone be…so I bought the starter kit, with absolutely no intention of starting a business, I just wanted to purchase Scentsy for myself and my Mum at a discounted price…and that is how I started Jolly Good Scents…when my friends and family visited my home, they always remarked how incredible it smelled, they became great customers and to this day are as hooked as me on the fabulous products.

So, come on in and try them for yourself, or start your own fragrance business with us…

New Releases


Fantasy to real-life floral bouquets.
Includes notes like hibiscus, lilac, rose and freesia.


From the spa to the beach to a sunny meadow stroll.
Includes notes like fresh air, linen, lavender, mint and just-cut grass.


Ripe, fresh-squeezed and always sweet.
Includes notes like pineapple, peach, strawberry and apple.


Gives a sense of warmth and comfort.
Includes notes like cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper.


Full-bodied and masculine.
Includes notes like cedar, sandalwood, pine and leather.


An ode to edible, delectably sweet goodies.
Includes notes like vanilla, caramel, cocoa and pie crust.


Classic to sparkling citrus blends.
Includes notes like, orange, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon.

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Featured Products

Warmers and Wax

Fill your life with beautiful scent, simply and safely — minus the flame, soot or smoke!

Dare to Dream Mini Warmer
Image of Stargaze Diffuser

Diffusers and Oils

Enjoy immediate, all-natural scents complete with adjustable color, light and fragrance strength.

Fan Diffusers

Get stunning, instant fragrance that lasts — in portable and plug-in styles!

What My Customers Say…

Amazing products and service! Joanne really knows her products but they’re such good quality they sell themselves, there’s always something new to try which I love. They’re really good value for money as they burn/warm and scent the room for weeks. Joanne delivers your order personally and she makes the whole order to delivery process effortless. Highly recommend Joanne and her fabulous products!
Leanne Perilly

Jo is one of the most attentive consultants I’ve ever known. She knows my preference for fragrance and will always recommend the best ones for me. Service is prompt and she always throws in some little extra samples.

Thanks for always being one step ahead Jo x

Tanya Filer

Scentsy was recommended to me after I visited a friend’s house and commented on how lovely it smelled when I walked in! I went straight home and ordered my first product, a wax warmer. I now have a total of 7 warmers around the house from mini plug ins to Scentsy Go’s, love them all! Jo’s customer service is amazing (so is her patience when I can’t decide…) and nothing is ever too much trouble! Would highly recommend Jolly Good Scents! 👍

Abby Mansell

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